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  • An external examiner for your exam boards
  • An external expert on a course validation panel
  • A moderator to validate documents in any quality assurance process
    Panel member on external stakeholder advisory groups for awarding bodies
  • External expert for professional bodies setting up new courses/re-validation.
  • Member for governing bodies in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Freelance writer for articles, modules and courses

Every course and module offered by UK and Irish establishments for higher education has to comply with governmental requirements that courses be relevant to the marketplace.

Likewise courses and qualifications developed outside of the university sector require external input to ensure they meet regulatory standards. This applies to new course development and revaluation of existing qualifications too.

Experts within academia, the professions and industry are therefore needed to help inform and guide those who create courses/ modules with relevant current best practice and thinking. Experts from all walks of life (no formal qualifications needed) are greatly valued by university, college and school governing bodies.

This is a great opportunity to make a real contribution to your local community.

At externals.co.uk, we are able to introduce universities and awarding institutions to current experts within their field.

In the UK and Ireland, the higher education sector is reliant on experts to validate its courses/modules.

Each higher education establishment in the UK and Ireland regularly needs to recruit experts.

Awarding and Professional bodies need expert input to develop/update qualifications.

Experts are paid for their time

Governors are voluntary roles.

The Experts system allows academics and professionals to develop both their network and career.

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